GLS Huddle Site Registration

Are you interested to host or facilitate a GLS Huddle in your organization? Yes, you can! Here are the details you need to know.


  1. You must have attended the most recent GLS. You need to bring your GLS pin or registration workbook on the day of the orientation.
  2. You must have a venue that you can use for the monthly GLS Huddle. It must be suitable for the number of people that you expect will attend. This venue must be free of charge or else you or someone else must shoulder the cost. GLS will not pay for any rental fees on any GLS Huddle venue.
  3. You must have someone in your organization who is willing to be accountable to GLS for the conduct of this event. We require certain expectations for the conduct of the GLS Huddle (see below), and someone from your organization must be willing to implement those expectations.
  4. You must have sufficient equipment available to show the GLS video in a way that is conducive to learning. You must have adequate audio and visual systems in place. You must also have chairs that can be moved around if necessary for group discussions. Someone from your organization must be responsible for setting these up before attendees arrive for the GLS Huddle.
  5. It is preferable that you assign your own facilitator to conduct the GLS Huddle. He or she may need some initial training and shadowing before being assigned as the official facilitator for the GLS Huddle in your organization. On some occasions, if the person is known to us, he or she may be given the go signal to facilitate immediately. If you would like someone from the GLS Team to facilitate the meeting for you, please provide an honorarium, food and drinks, and a transportation budget.


  1. All attendees, including the host and facilitator, must be registered before, during or after the GLS Huddle. Go to
  2. Someone from your organization must submit a report within one week after each GLS Huddle. Go to
  3. A good projector or TV plus a good audio system must be available to show the GLS video.
  4. The facilitator must facilitate and not teach during the GLS Huddle. Although some form of teaching might be unavoidable, we discourage formal teaching during the GLS Huddle. The GLS video will serve as the teacher.
  5. As much as possible, we want the GLS Huddle to be open to all. However, in some situations, this may not be possible. Please let us know if your GLS Huddle is closed or open to visitors, so that we can inform people accordingly.
  6. Someone must report to us the schedule and location, or if there are any changes concerning these, so that there will be no confusion in our calendar of events. You will be given access to our Google Calendar.
  7. Please promote the GLS Premiere event to your attendees so that we can all come together once a year for mutual learning about leadership.
  8. Other announcements must be limited during the GLS Huddle. Please avoid too many of them!
  9. Distribute handouts or put the questions on a PowerPoint so that everyone can follow the discussions.
  10. Follow the two-hour limit. Do not over-extend the time. Within this time, please implement the following agenda as much as possible:
    • Welcome remarks and opening prayer
    • Small group reporting of previous proposed applications
    • Coffee break
    • Watch a new GLS video (one video only for each GLS Huddle meeting)
    • Small group discussion and planning of proposed applications
    • Final remarks, announcements, and closing prayer
    • Dismissal or fellowship time


  1. Each recognized GLS Huddle site will be entitled to two complementary tickets to the next GLS Premiere Event, provided 7 to 10 GLS Huddles were conducted with the year prior to the Premiere Event. These tickets can be used by anyone belonging to your GLS Huddle group. The Host or Facilitator can decide who can use the tickets.
  2. Each recognized GLS Huddle site can buy one GLS Team Edition DVD or USB per year at 50% discount.
  3. The attendees for each recognized GLS Huddle group can buy tickets for the next GLS Premiere Event for 500 pesos but only before the end of October each year.
  4. The attendees for each recognized GLS Huddle group can buy the official GLS Huddle t-shirts at 20% discount so that they can wear it during the GLS Premiere Event.
  5. When you attend a GLS Huddle for at least ten consecutive months, you will be eligible for a special discount to attend a GLS Premiere Event.

Download this document as a PDF file

If you’re interested to apply as a GLS Huddle Host or Facilitator, please fill up this application form.