GLS Huddle Attendees Registration Form

Welcome to the GLS Huddle Attendees Registration Form. The GLS Huddle is a monthly gathering of those who want to grow as leaders. It’s open to all! Whether you are an existing leader or an emerging leader, we all need to huddle together to learn more about leadership. Once a month, we gather to watch a previous GLS video. We discuss it in small groups. Then we make plans to apply it in our personal lives, our teams, and/or our organizations. The typical agenda of a GLS Huddle includes the following:

  • Welcome remarks and opening prayer
  • Small group reporting of previous proposed applications
  • Coffee break
  • Watch a new GLS video (one video only for each GLS Huddle meeting)
  • Small group discussion and planning of proposed applications
  • Final remarks, announcements, and closing prayer
  • Dismissal or fellowship time

We invite you to join one of our GLS Huddles. Click here for the locations and schedules. If you want to start your own GLS Huddle, please click here. We will inform you of the schedule of Orientation and Training for new hosts as soon as possible.

Note: When you attend a GLS Huddle for at least ten consecutive months, you will be eligible for a special discount to attend a GLS Premiere Event.