So you’re coming down from your Global Leadership Summit high. You drank from the fire hose of content last week and you left inspired and challenged—with lots of fresh leadership insights. And you wanted to take the next step for growth.

But that was at the summit. And then, you got back to your real life and your real job and your real family. The daily pressures of life hit you. And suddenly you’re starting to see the resolve you had at the conference fade – just a little bit.

What if there were some easy things you could do, in less than 5 minutes, which would set you up for leadership growth for the next GLS?

The best leaders make growth a habit. They get into a rhythm. They set up systems and reminders that nudge them in the right direction.

With the right plans and tools to support you, you’ve got this!

  • Sign up for a GrowthTrack at Did you have a favorite speaker at the Summit? Was there a talk that covered exactly what you needed to hear?

We have curated a suite of specific next-step resources for every speaker from the previous GLS. It’s easy. After you select your track, you unlock free access to multiple videos, articles, tools and more—all tailored to the topic you have chosen for your personal development. And it gets even better. We’ll email you every time new content is released on your GrowthTrack topic.

  • Subscribe to the GLS Podcast at Turn your commute or workout time into an opportunity to strengthen your leadership. This is your twice-monthly injection of fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content delivered straight to your smartphone, computer or tablet. It’s the perfect resource for leaders on-the-go!
  • Download the GLSnext app. Get the world’s only app to offer free, on-demand access to 700+ exclusive leadership training videos from The Global Leadership Summit. Our top-rated app allows you to tag your favorite videos, create playlists and includes a feature to write down and track your goals.
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  • Sign up for the next GLS. You already know you are not going to want to miss next year’s conference—so mark your calendar right now for the next GLS. And (bonus!) if you register early, you get the best rates.

That was easy!

Here’s to the better leadership version of you in 2018 and beyond. And as we like to say around here, There’s hope for the Philippines when leaders become better!