Leader’s Compass

A leader must have a compass, which is both external as well as internal, to guide him. It must be external, because his principles must be based on truth and not mere opinions only. It must be internal because these should be in his heart as well. https://gls.ph

Trust and Leadership

Trust is the most important asset of a leader. Without it he cannot influence anybody. If people cannot trust the leader, it will take more effort to get anything done. It takes time to earn trust. But it’s so easy to lose it. Learn more at https://gls.ph.

He is able

Whenever you are afraid or intimidated by what is happening around you, or even inside of you, or among those you love —remember who the Lord is. He is greater than all. If you put your hope in Him, you will never be put to shame. He is able!

Fight the Good Fight

The Christian life is not a laid back cruise where nothing much happens. Instead it is called a fight, a good fight of faith. Following Christ is a pursuit of a calling, not a maintenance of religious activities. Only fools approach this kind of life passively.

Light of the world

You can focus on the problems or you can be part of the solution. You can curse the darkness or you can be the light where God has placed you. It all depends on your understanding of who you are and why you are there. Renew your mind and reclaim your true identity and purpose.

Guard your heart

A person becomes a leader only by God’s grace. He is able to influence people only because God allows him to have that power. Apart from God he can do nothing. That’s why a leader must guard his heart at all times. The condition of his heart will be detrimental to his leadership.

God’s Unfailing Love

Always put your hope in God’s unfailing love. That’s the only anchor you can truly trust on in this world. People, organizations, or things in this world may appear strong. But only the Lord and His unfailing love is trustworthy.

Check Your Eyesight

How we interpret any situation determines how we will respond. Two people can see the same situation and decide differently how to interpret it. We can be realistic about any situation without becoming fatalistic. Faith comes when we choose to view things from God’s perspective.

Real Meaning of Love

You know you love a person when you’re willing to set aside your own comforts to invest your time, talents, and treasure to pursue the good of that person. If all you’re thinking about is how to get something from that person, you’re a consumer, not a person who understands love.

Priority of Love

The evidence of your spiritual maturity is not Bible knowledge nor eloquence of speech. It is the depth and sincerity of your love for others. A self centered person who is well-versed in the Bible and knows how to teach it, but has no real love, is immature.