Hope in the Lord

Never lose hope amidst negative situations in life. Hope is what will give you endurance. It will also enable you to fulfill God’s will, especially as you relate with other people in love. Love is hard, but faith and hope will strengthen you. Put your hope in the Lord.

Prayer for Healing

I pray for all who are sick. May the healing hands of the Lord touch you and heal you. May He strengthen your body and lift you up until you are able to move around again, doing all the things that you love to do. May He give you the grace to live and serve Him in Jesus name.


Diversity is a gift from God. We should not resent it. Instead, we must celebrate it and take advantage of it. Often conflicts occur because we cannot accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We easily judge people not for what is right or wrong but for our differences.

Whole Being

We should be interested not just in the welfare of our souls but in the welfare of our whole being, for we are whole persons. This does not mean that we will never get sick, for our bodies are still temporal. But desiring to be well in all aspects of our being is a good goal.

Live for God

When you choose to live according to God’s ways, people around you may not be pleased. In fact, some of them may even criticize you for your choices. But they will soon see how wise your choices are, because the Lord will honor you for making those choices.

Paying Attention

God is more interested and committed in your spiritual growth than you could ever be. This is why He is always at work in your life to make you willing and able to fulfill His will. Paying attention to His leadership in your life is the key to experiencing real transformation.

Something New

Always expect new and better things ahead of you because the Lord is with you. Don’t lose hope. It may not come quickly but watch out for new opportunities and fresh outpourings of God’s grace. With an open hand, let the Lord show you His wonderful plans for your life.

No need to worry

Worry is our natural instinct because we sense our powerlessness amidst various uncertainties. But if God can take care of our souls, which is the most important, can He not take care of our needs? We need to focus on God’s ability to take care of us totally instead of worrying.

What sustains us

What sustains us is not just food or drink, important as they are. It is God’s purpose for us that keeps us alive to fulfill His will. Apart from God we are nothing and we can do nothing. We are fully dependent on Him. We need His grace to do anything in this world.

The Value of Time

Even though God is not time bound, He values time especially in behalf of mankind. So He created time for us. We should be grateful and faithful. Time creates memories as well as significant moments that we can remember and cherish. It also challenges us to be wise.