Only God

Lord, teach me to depend on you always, to put my hope in you and not on anyone else. Help me to remember that people can only do so much, but in the end only You can deliver me. Stability and strength come from you. Without You I can do nothing. With You nothing is impossible.

Being Secure

If your security is in the Lord, then you don’t need to worry about anything. You can find rest in His presence. But you need to feel at home there, knowing that His power and grace will see you through any difficulty. It’s up to you to make this choice by faith.

God is so much better

God forgives, redeems and restores especially in times of sin and failure. He heals and makes new when all seems lost. When others would love to judge and blame, God calls to renew and refocus. God is so much better than everyone else who claim to represent Him.

True Beauty

Choose to be beautiful on the inside. That kind of beauty will never fade away, because it does not depend on something temporary like physical beauty. When you’re beautiful inside, age and time will never diminish it.

Courage to Move Forward

Those who trust and follow the Lord need not be afraid of anything. The Lord is with them wherever they go. This assurance will enable them to move forward with courage and perseverance. Don’t give up. Just keep on stepping out in faith.

Institutions and Individuals

Institutions & individuals are two different things. Individuals serve institutions. They come and go. Some of them are successful. Some of them fail and fall. Institutions exists and continue to exist because of a purpose. This purpose must always be bigger than any individual.

The Use of Technology

The use of technology is not wrong per se. But it can be unused or misused. Anybody can unuse or misuse it, even those who claim to be Christ followers. The Gospel must be communicated, and technology can be used for that purpose. Yet many do not use it and many misuse it.

True Courage

Leadership takes courage. But it’s more than just the courage to do what you want. It’s the courage to face reality. It’s the courage to face one’s limitations. It’s the courage to admit sins or mistakes. It’s the courage to accept defeats. Yes, leadership takes a lot of courage.

Clear Eyes

How are your eyes? How well do you see things as they really are? When your eyes don’t see well, you make the wrong assumptions of people and things. You prejudge or misjudge them. Consequently, you make the wrong choices. Pray for clarity that you may see reality.

Balanced Life

What does it mean to live a balanced life? It can’t mean that we just apportion equal amounts of our time and energy to every aspect of our lives. That may not be feasible or even wise. Instead, we must learn to discern the moment, understand God’s will, and respond accordingly.