1. Add a daily prayer this week: “God, prepare my heart to hear the message you need me to hear at the Summit. Guide me to know where to focus my growth for the next leadership season.”
  2. Assess yourself on the Grit Scale. Angela Duckworth will be helping us understand this essential intangible for leaders. Get ready to learn from her session that will help us understand the qualities necessary for “grit” and how we can develop it in ourselves and our team.
  3. Rate the effectiveness of your last performance review. On a scale of 1-10, how helpful was it? Marcus Buckingham has conducted research with hundreds of thousands of employees in some of America’s top businesses—and he has a better solution.
  4. Download the GLSnext app (Download Free Here). For year-round leadership development, GLSnext provides more than 700 videos from world-class Summit faculty with new videos added each week.
  5. Sign up for 363gls.com (Click to Subscribe).  363gls.com provides weekly video coaching from Bill Hybels on key leadership issues.  
  6. Download the GLS podcast (Download Free Here). For year round leadership development, learn from world’s top leadership experts in a bi-monthly podcast and grow your leadership with practical questions and action steps with free downloadable resources.  
  7. Take out your journal and make a list. Brainstorm the list of the projects on your plate that call for creative problem-solving. Most of us would be surprised to learn that creativity is considered a vital business skill in today’s competitive environment. We’ll learn more about from Fredrik Hären on Thursday.
  8. Read Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech. One of the GLS faculty will draw out a leadership principle from MLK’s life. Which speaker? We’ll let that be a surprise!
  9. Juliet Funt: Take out your calendar (Download Free Here). Go to Monday (insert date of Monday after your event) on your calendar and block out two or three hours. Trust us on this. This “Whitespace Tip” will help reflect deeply on your learning and amplify your experience. Watch this video by Juliet Funt to learn more about this Monday-After technique.
  10. Join the conversation on social media.

See you at the Summit . . .